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Use Minitab like a Pro – Through Statistics, DMAIC and 6 Sigma

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Carmine Ciriello

Carmine Ciriello

Carmine is an experienced industry coaching professional, with proven experience applying the topics in the real world. Since A+I started in 2014, he has provided Teaching, Coaching, and Project support to over 30 companies.


5 Days

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À propos du cours

Course description

Use Minitab like a Pro – Through Statistics, DMAIC, and Six Sigma

We will be progressing through introduction, intermediate and advanced Minitab modules throughout the course, linked very closely to learning the essentials of Six Sigma. Even if you have never used Minitab, you will have sufficient time to get comfortable with the software before diving deeper into the content.

Why Minitab?

Minitab is the cornerstone software associated with the practical understanding and application of Six Sigma. 

What is DMAIC?

DMAIC, or “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control” was made popular by the Six Sigma community, but stands on its own as a versatile and complete problem-solving roadmap. The course will follow the DMAIC approach to learning Six Sigma via Minitab.

How will we be learning Minitab?

Participants will be encouraged to either already own Minitab or download a 30-day free trial prior to the course. Alternatively, they can simply follow along if they do not own the software on their own computers. There is no prerequisite for having any working knowledge of Minitab prior to the course. An experienced "Analyze and Improve" trainer consultant will deliver the hands-on practical training. 

Training content


Day 1: Overview and Define

  • DMAIC, Lean and 6 Sigma

  • Introduction to Minitab

  • Graphical Techniques and Basic Statistics

  • Performance Standards

  • Plot and Arrange Data

Day 2: Measure

  • Measurement Validation: Continuous and Discrete

  • Capability

Day 3: Analyze

  • Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Intervals

  • Regression and Anova

  • Normality and Transformations

Day 4: Improve and Control

  • Design of Experiments and Process Capability

  • Control Charts

Day 5: Advanced Topics

  • Capability Indices; BLR/Chi Square; Multiple Regression

  • Overflow from Days 1 to 4. Parking Lot items.

  • At the end of each day: Group and Individual Coaching.

Course delivery details

This is a 5 day course, aimed at teaching Minitab while following the standard DMAIC steps associated with Six Sigma. The participant will learn to take data and convert to practical information through simple analytical tools. The examples will be customized to best fit the needs and experiences of the participants. Participants will receive a certificate - Six Sigma Green Belt with specialization in Minitab.

Certification / Credits

Six Sigma Green Belt with specialization in Minitab data analysis

Why choose A+I?

  • Courses taught by experienced industry professionals

  • Instructors with proven experience applying the topics in the real world

  • Since our start in 2014, we have provided Teaching, Coaching and Project support to over 30 companies

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