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A+I Apps Under Development

At A+I, we also produce productivity apps to improve the wellbeing of those navigating through the lifestyle that comes with working in the consulting business.


Travel Zees

ZeeS is a travel and time-management App for iPhone and Apple Watch (future version). As a business or leisure airline traveler. ZeeS supports your “body clock” in adjusting to the destination time zone so you can be ready for whatever awaits you on arrival. ZeeS App for Apple Watch and iPhone facilitates timely and effective shifts in your regular daily routines, bodily rhythms, sleeping cycles and eating times to be beneficial to your comfort, well being and working performance in the new time-zone. This app is a productivity tool provided by A+I to help people improve their productivity after a long distance travel regardless of their ability to sleep on plane.


Shift Change

allows a shift worker who works on day to night rotational schedule to switch their body clock to new shift schedule. One of the key productivity losses as well as a major safety risks in various work environment where A+I operates, has been the ability of a worker to stay alert and productive when they shift from day to night schedule or vice versa

kaizen Pic.png

Kaizen App

helps define, execute, manage and close out a Kaizen event. It is designed to help a user walk through each step of pre, during and post stages of executing a Kaizen event. App also provides the functionality to document and archive an event from start to end

Continuous Improvement Coach.png

Improvement Recognition Coach

provides a manager or an improvement lead the ability to recognize the type of improvement problem and plausible approach for what they are facing at their facility. It is designed to walk users through real scenarios that they may face at their work environment in pursuit of identifying type of improvement required.

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