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Change Management

In simplest terms, Change Management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. There are many different methodologies, techniques, and tools in the industry today. Some experts believe that Change Management should focus on human behavior and psychology with no link to the technical Project Management side. The Analyze and Improve approach differs from this belief and pitches that to achieve a complete buy-in into a change, Change Management should run in parallel to Project Management as an integrated implementation of one solution.  

The A+I Change Management model requires three steps; evaluate, execute, and embrace. The Evaluate step is about understanding and hence planning for the positives and negatives of both the change and of no change. The Execute stage looks into building soft skills required from individuals, teams, and organizations to implement a change through team leadership, and effective communication. The Embrace stage is about being ready to strike when the iron is hot i.e. ready to sustain the gains from the change.

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