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Want to Pursue a career with A+I? Be ready to be challenged in ways that you never felt possible both intellectually and personally. Here are some of the incentives to consider a career with us

  • No Need to Relocate. A+I employees are required to provide services at the clients' location or remotely

  • There is a high variety of work opportunities and experience, such that it is not the same repetitive work every day. There are opportunities to work several projects per year, and therefore provides the individual with an ever-changing and dynamic work environment, in terms of geography (travel opportunities), industry and nature of problem.

  • Flat organization allows for all employees to have a high exposure to the experienced senior partners

  • Employees are encouraged to work from home and take advantage of working flexible hours.

If think you will be a good fit for our team, please consult below for current opportunities!

Current Opportunities

Haroon Underground.jpg

Please stay tuned for future opportunities! However, you are more than welcome to submit a general application!

General Application


If you have experience in consulting, mining, engineering, business and/or finance we look forward to seeing your resume. Please send your resume to

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