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About Us

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If you are not meeting your potential either in form of throughput, productivity or costs then you can engage A+I in not only identifying opportunities to get more out of your operations but also help you implement those initiatives as well as establish processes and management systems to sustain those gains overtime. Our philosophy of "Stability before Capability and only then Capital" ensures that you are getting most out of your existing resources before adding capital solutions. A+I is different to other management consultants as we go beyond of just giving you a road map by also helping you achieve and sustain tangible results.

An assessment is conducted to identify where time and effort is being consumed currently during a shift to deliver real value out of operation. An understanding is needed on how much of the effort is consumed in Non Value Added but Necessary activities as well as pure Wastes. For example, in a mine, a truck operator gets lined up, travels to work place, fuels up during the shift, conducts equipment and workplace assessments, etc. These activities are necessary but do not generate direct cash and if takes too long to do then actually lose cash (value). Additionally, if their time is lost in Waste activities such as finding equipment, waiting for other equipment to get out of their way, waiting for the next part in the sequence to be prepared, waiting at fuel/service bays, being constrained at dumps, etc. A+I can help deploy a series of systematic improvement in form of operating practices, standards and processes to deliver immediate tangible return within 3 months as well as management routines to sustain the gains. 

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