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Fundamentals for Managers – Structure for Success

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Carmine Ciriello

Carmine Ciriello

Carmine is an experienced industry coaching professional, with proven experience applying the topics in the real world. Since A+I started in 2014, he has provided Teaching, Coaching, and Project support to over 30 companies.


2 Days

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About the Course

In an operational excellence organization, every person knows what their role and part is in achieving the business and management objectives. This journey to excellence takes time and effort but generally always starts with designing and implementing a management system and then building the necessary skills of its managers and people. A fundamental management system serves as a framework of policies, processes and procedures, and helps the people fulfill all the tasks required to achieve an organization’s objectives.

Many components of a management system will be common to a range of objectives for various levels of leadership, even though generally, various levels pull on different components at any given time. However, the management skills and core competencies required for mangers at each level of leadership remain standard to perform efficiently and effectively.

Key principles for this course:

  • Align the Strategy – identify the right processes and more importantly right measures (KPIs) at each leadership levels.

  • Stability Foundation – hands-on problem solving at right levels to instill performance stability.

  • Bring Capability Focus – maximize the potential through engaged workforce and optimized processes.

  • Engage the Leadership – structured reviews, planning, communication and feedback at each level to take action before an issue becomes a potential problem or lost opportunity.

The purpose of this course is to provide the complete fundamentals for a Manager to successfully accomplish the full scope of their role

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