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Lean Six Sigma for Executives and Senior Management

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Carmine Ciriello

Carmine Ciriello

Carmine is an experienced industry coaching professional, with proven experience applying the topics in the real world. Since A+I started in 2014, he has provided Teaching, Coaching, and Project support to over 30 companies


2 Days

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About the Course

Lean Six Sigma for Executives and Senior Management

The journey to Operational Excellence starts with building awareness in driving Continuous Improvement within an organization. A valuable asset to executives and senior management is in obtaining Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Yellow Belt awareness level training.

The objective of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control approach to problem-solving, referred to as “DMAIC”, and often used in conjunction with Lean Six Sigma.

What is DMAIC?

DMAIC, or “Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control” was made popular by the Six Sigma community, but stands on its own as a versatile and complete problem-solving roadmap.

What else is covered in addition to Lean Six Sigma?

As the target audience involves executives and senior management, the course also includes key aspects of Social Leadership, Change Management, and General Management Principles.

This is a starting point for building quality focus competencies. The intent is to provide basic awareness to leaders and managers so they can ask the right questions to their workforce.

An experienced "Analyze and Improve" trainer consultant will deliver the training. 

Training content

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC approach.

  • Introduction to key Lean elements and tools.

  • Introduction to each stage within Six Sigma DMAIC.

  • Introduction to key Social Leadership and Change Management elements.

  • Introduction to Management principles.

  • Awareness of tools for each element.

  • Practice and/or review of worked out examples.

  • Discussion and Coaching.

  • Yellow Belt Certificate

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