Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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Carmine Ciriello

Carmine Ciriello

Carmine is an experienced industry coaching professional, with proven experience applying the topics in the real world. Since A+I started in 2014, he has provided Teaching, Coaching, and Project support to over 30 companies


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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Training provides a program which blends an equal portion of Lean, Six Sigma and Social Leadership principles (Lean Six Sigma). The participant will learn the various techniques and tools required to drive Operational Improvement at a Green Belt level, with focus on business and management practices.

How is this training delivered?

The training will deliver Lean, Six Sigma and Social Leadership skills. The content is customizable (to some extent), based on the experience and needs of the registered participants.

Course Offering Options:

  • Industrial Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: Mining, Metallurgy, Construction, Oil and Gas.

  • General Lean Six Sigma Green Belt