Lalor Mine

Hudbay Minerals selected A+I to Lalor mine to help improve their throughput. A+I conducted an assessment in October 2018 to understand the main inefficiencies that inhibit their operational targets. Kaizen is being used as a tool to make step change improvements towards their desired goal of 4500 tpd. A+I began work in December by conducting day in the life studies to collect data to serve as a baseline.

As of October 2019, A+I has conducted 4 separate kaizen events for underground processes including lineup, mucking, drilling & loading and development. At all events, several initiatives were discussed and implemented in order to streamline the aforementioned processes. A+I is currently in the response & control phase which is a management tool intended to validate the effectiveness of the initiatives put forward. As a result of the initiatives undertaken at the mine, Lalor has been more consistent at reaching their operational targets.


A+I has recently been requested by Hudbay Minerals to be involved future mine development and production planning of their new gold vein expansion. A+I will be facilitating future brainstorming and problem solving meetings alongside senior engineers, geologists and managers. The aim will be to produce a mine expansion that will comprise of logical placement of infrastructure and layout so milestones can be reached.

"While on site at Lalor Mine I had the opportunity to participate in a Development Kaizen. A+I successfully facilitated the necessary conversations to identify and eliminate lean waste in order to streamline mine development processes. A+I helped us remain on track with the necessary actions that we committed to execute"

-Warren Brass, Senior Mine Planner

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