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Ambatovy Refinery and Utilities


A+I supported Ambatovy’s transformation plans for the Refinery and Utilities area. Through various workshops, the key improvement areas were identified and converted into a working action plan. In addition, training and coaching was offered in the areas of Problem Resolution, Kaizen, Minitab and Statistics.

We worked with Analyze and Improve as part of our transformation plan following the lean six sigma methodology. With his expertise, Carmine Ciriello gave us training sessions in basic Minitab, statistics, practical problem solving which strengthened the technical skills of our Business Improvement team. In addition, it allowed us to establish a roadmap for our transformation plan following data analysis and idea generation workshops.

Thanks to Analyze and Improve, our team gained the confidence to convince our organization of another approach to process improvement by adopting its motto “Stability before Capability and only then Capital”.

-Elise Tora, Business Improvement Supervisor

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