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LaRonde Mine

LaRonde Mine

Agnico Eagle LaRonde, Canada wants to evaluate Mobilaris Mining Intelligence (MMI) for usage in their mine, based on an LTE infrastructure. A Pilot was run from October 2019 to January of 2020. One of the goals of the pilot is to demonstrate Short Interval Control (SIC) principles towards productivity and safety gains. A+I team was involved in doing in an Assessment of opportunities in August to  baseline the performance, expected returns and a roadmap of improvement initiatives. And, A+I team is currently working with LaRonde Production team as well as Epiroc and Mobilaris experts to design and implement the SIC processes and realize the improvement opportunities.

At conclusion of Pilot, A+I continues to provide support to LaRonde Coordinators and Leadership in their pursuit of productivity through Short Interval Control. 

"Throughout the project, the people at A + I demonstrated their high quality as collaborators. They allowed us to better identify our operational difficulties, measure those,  make it easier for us to understand and show the potential for improvement in our operation. It was a pleasure to have them with us for the duration of the project. We learned a lot from them by working closely with them while they helped us improve our efficiency."

-Luc Girard, Laronde Complex Optimization and LZ5 Mine Operation Superintendent

"Asim and Abdel (A+I) are very qualified, respectful and professional people. Passionate about numbers. As soon as they arrived at LaRonde, they explained their role related to the Mobilaris pilot project and how they could help us improve our daily operation based on very precise and accurate measurements and data taking. They support our coordinators on a weekly basis to ensure that we are taking the right steps to identify opportunities for improvement. They propose rather than impose so the work climate is good and they have good listening with our team. The latest results are very encouraging. Many of their improvement ideas are in progress or have already been worked  internally with our resources. Thanks a lot!"

-Gino Lessard, LaRonde Complex Mine Captain

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