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Hemlo Mine

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A+I implemented a series of Continuous Improvement initiatives to drive cost reductions and increase production throughput underground at Barrick Gold Hemlo Mine. In parallel, A+I developed and established components of Operational Excellence Management System to sustain the gains at Barrick Gold Hemlo Mine; a cost reduction of 43% and increase of production by 15% sustained over 8 months when A+I signed off.

"I had a great experience working  with the A+I team at Barrick Hemlo Mine.  The philosophy of stability, capability and then capital was instrumental for our team to gain a better understanding of our underground production by tracking variances and determining the cause of each. By analyzing our production output and implementing changes, we were able to add stability to our output and determine where to focus our efforts.  We increased our ore and waste movement year over year for three consecutive years, 9%, 11%, 8% respectively, without spending any capital dollars.

The A+I team brought a wide range of skill sets and were able to collect usable data that could be used to analyze our business.  The A+I team was able to work and communicate their message with crew members to General Manager. A+I did an exceptional job with presenting their findings and creating solutions that worked."

-Joey Santi, Hemlo Underground Superintendent

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